About me

My Story

My own journey to become a doula grew out of a combination of my own health issues and search for alternatives and support in making my own choices, my always-present fascination with pregnancy and childbirth, and my own path to parenthood.  The deep desire to help women in pregnancy and childbirth melded with my desire to help women make their own decisions, find support for those decisions, and write their own stories, finding healing in the process. This led me to the world of the doula, "women's helper."  


I am greatly honored by the privilege of being invited to be present in the birthing room, whether in a hospital, a home, or a birth center.  

My Training
My Philosophy
Certified Birth Doula

DONA International

My philosophy is simple.  This is your birth, your body, and your baby.  I am here to support you in the ways you wish, backing your choices for your birth and helping you meet your goals.  


I will never push my ideas or beliefs on you.  I will never tell you what I think you should do.  I will listen to what you want, provide any information you ask for, and let you make your own decisions.  I will support your decisions and guide you, as you are the author of your own birth story.  I am honored to be a part of that story. 


I believe birth can be a healing experience, spiritually and emotionally, both for those who have suffered a previous loss of any kind, and those who have experienced any type of abuse or birth trauma.  This is your birth, your moment, your journey.  I am here to help you along the way, to be your guide and your support, as you lead the way.  

Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Certified Adoption Doula

Stillbirthday University

Trained in Spiritual and Psychological First Aid